Hurley Returns

Conor Hurley made a sesational return to Ballinadee yesterday after a 5 month absense from the Albion. Hurley was reported to have burst into the dressing room and handed out signed photos of himself to the rest of the squad without speaking a word.

His Albion team-mates seemed delighted with his return though not everyone was too happy. James O’Driscoll spoke to reporters after the session saying “Look at him, with his tan & bulging abs, he thinks he’s so great. What’s the deal with the sunglasses? He didnt take them off for the whole training session, if he thinks he can waltz back in here and play left full again… well f**k that”!.”

When asked about the sunglasses Hurley told reporters he was so emotional at his return and felt so sorry for James O’Driscoll that he will now once again lose his left back position that he felt it better to keep the glasses on. 

I’m sure we have heard the last of this ongoing feud between the two though our article writers have informed us we haven’t. Stick around for more.

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