James O’Driscoll has put on a brave face for the visit of the Queen to Ballinadee Park this morning. It was rumoured O’Driscoll wouldn’t show after manager Martin Ryan refused to turn up amid allegations over Guus Hiddinks now imminent installation as Albion number 1.There was also no sign of Kevin O’Neill who has been reported to be suffering a severe hangover.

The queen was impressed with the facilities in Ballinadee and even helped clear the sheep from the pitch before hand. O’Driscolls meeting with the queen lasted for over an hour and he remained upbeat about his future. “I dont know whats going on with the management situation. I’m hearing the board room are unhappy we didnt land the title but sure what can ya do. These things happen and i’ll just get on with continuing to be the best left back at the club as I have been since 1998, fair play to me.”

The queen flaked off shortly after.

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