Martin Ryan & James O’Driscolls future as part of the management at Albion looks in doubt today as Albion chairman Kevin O’Neill was spotted with Guus Hiddink leaving Hurleys in Ballinspittle singing rebel songs and cracking jokes about Ryan & O’Driscoll. O’Neill seemed to have Albion contractual papers in his hand and people within the club are saying O’Neill bumped into Hiddink recently and invited him to see the facilities in Ballinadee. This led to a full blown piss up where O’Neill convinced the dutch man to sign a 3 year contract in which Hiddink has promised that Albion will play Premier football in the AUL within that time frame.

Ryan & O’Driscoll are keeping quiet about the matter with a €50 pay off being rumoured which will come in handy for their player registration fee in July.

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