Breaking news coming to us just now is the suspension of Jason O’Riordan from the squad for the next 6 games as punishment has been handed down by top officials at the club. O’Riordan had previously been given a fine of 2 weeks wages for bullying members of the squad. He was finally caught in the act as you can see from this shocking image above, picking on Conor Hurley as he arrived for training. Other members who have filed complaints to the manager about Jay-Jay’s (as he likes to be called) antics are Conan Dillon, Ger O’Connell, James O’Driscoll, Colm O’Donovan & JP Hayes.

O’Riordan is reported to have smashed a window after throwing Kevin O’Neill through it once the news was broken to him by the chairman. He has been spotted going into Hurleys Bar in a rage in the past 20 mins. Stick around for more….

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