The on going fued between left backs Conor Hurley & James O’Driscoll came to boiling point at a press conference after a regular training session in Ballinadee last night. Pictured above, the 2 are seen as they almost came to blows after Hurley had snubbed O’Driscoll in the shower. O’Driscoll follwed this with a cracking towel whip which left Hurley on the floor writhing in pain. Management could only look on in disbelief as the 2 grappled around on the shower floor. This was  broken up after a few minutes and the 2 are now on non-speaking terms. O’Driscoll came out with this statement earlier today:

“It is with sadness that I, Mr. O’Driscoll as I like to be called, have to issue my complete and utter disgust with Conor Hurleys treatment of me last night at Albion training. I wish to let it known to the public that I will not be involving myself with Hurley in anyway shape or form and will not be taking any notice of further comments or statements made by him or his solicitor. And i definately will not be buying him any more Budweiser or Jagerbombs.”

Hurley is said to be in complete shock and unable to sit down after such a torturous & blindsided whip.

This feud is far from over… Expect more in the coming days.

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