De Courcey Albion have announced their squad numbers for the coming season. The introduction of squad numbers is a first for the club as they try to maximize the clubs merchandising potential.

Club Chairman Kevin O’Neill was quoted as saying “I feel it’s something that our fans will welcome, to get the chance to come support the team at lilly with their Albion Idol’s name and number on their back. Sure who wouldn’t want that?”.

A special printer has been installed at the Albion Superstore located at the clubs training ground in Ballinadee. The price for the New Albion replica kit with name and number has been announced as €66.99 for the kit plus €5 per letter and €10 per number.

“What a great deal that is and a fantastic way to give back to the club” the chairman went on to say.

Sources close to the club have revealed that supporters club committee members William Nyhan and David O’Driscoll have pre ordered Harrington 1 and Hurley 12 respectively.

Club captain Colm O’Donovan couldn’t hide his delight at been handed the Number 4 shirt when handed to him by Manager Martin Ryan that he stripped off his uniform and donned his red shirt and ran off singing “Oh Sami Sami, Sami Sami Sami Sami Hyypia”

On the other side of the coin Conor Hurley & James O’Driscoll are at loggerheads with Hurley being unhappy at not being handed the number 3. Hurley stated “James has had a problem with me with a while now, mainly jealousy I think, but its easy for him to be handed the number 3 shirt seeing as he was one of the 3 people handing the numbers out. The only thing I can do now is put the head down and prove that I’m the better player and off the record – that shouldn’t be too hard” – Nasty comments there from Hurley who has sparked a war of words. Expect a statement to follow from O’Driscoll over the next day or two.

For full List of Numbers read on


  1. Padraig Harrington
  2. Ger O’Connell
  3. James O’Driscoll
  4. Colm O’Donovan
  5. David Butler
  6. Declan Murray
  7. Conan Dillon
  8. Jason O’Riordan
  9. Ronan O’Driscoll
  10. John Hipwell
  11. Rob Daly
  12. Conor Hurley
  13. Seamus O’Callaghan
  14. Kevin O’Neill
  15. Jamie Daly
  16. Jody McNamara
  17. Noel Twomey
  18. Darren Daly
  19. Martin Ryan
  20. Gearoid Coholan
  21. Lorcan Gately
  22. JP Hayes
  23. Eamonn Dempsey
  24. Wayne Carroll
  25. Eoin O’Mahony
  26. John Duggan
  27. Michael Walsh
  28. Colum Walsh

De Courcey Albion will continue to wear numbers 1 to 11 for match they only have 16 jerseys.


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