Albions most resiliant left back, centre half, right back, centre mid, right winger – Conor Hurley – went down in a blaze of embarassment as he was injured by an “Insect” during the past week. Hurley stated “I’m not too sure what happened, but what I am sure of is that James O’Driscoll has something to do with it. I failed to finish the required amount of laps in the time given by him and he went apeshit altogehter. I dunno, first slashing tyres, then graffitti(ing) a car…. Pretty sure the sham needs to be locked up or something”. The insect, according to Hurley, had seemed to appear out of no where and took him out of it as he beared down on goal in a training session. The management are calling it a freak incident but refused to rule out foul play. The manager said “Well ok, James has been off his head the past few weeks, and Conor is challenging him for left back – so 2+2 = ?? if you know what I mean. But we still cant comment on the situation”. The insect in question has been kept on close survelance in the Dunderrow area.

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