Albion 2-1 Hibs

3 wins in 3 for a confident Albion side whos resilience shows no end at the moment. 1-0 down in 5 minutes after a nervy start and a possible foul on Colm O’Donovan by their striker in the lead up to the goal left them with a simple tap in. If the opening 15 minutes was anything to go by it looked as though they were in for a tough night! That they were, but the increase in effort with alot of tired legs leading into the game showed their willingness to fight as a team. Mike Walsh made 3 defining saves late in the first half to keep them in the game, though Albion had started creating some chances at the other end with Ronnie O’Driscoll holding the ball up well to allow others into play on the counter. 1-0 half time.

The second half was much the same though Albion did start pushing forward more in the search of an equaliser. There was a 10 minute spell where Hibs parked in Albions half and the defense had to endure wave after wave but stood well leading to no clear chance from Hibs. The midfield were beginning to get themselves under control and from here more chances came. A John Duggan free kick from inside the half found Ronnie O’Driscoll who held the defender off superbly and the bouncing ball was left for John Finn who finished fantastically up from the ground into the top corner. 1-1 with 10 to play. Albion pushed on again in search of the winner and when Ronnie hit the crossbar with time almost out it looked as though it wasn’t to be. Until, a moment of absolute magic from Noel Twomey. A throw in from Jamie Daly landed outside the box, Noel with a defender on his back and his back to goal flipped himself up and produced an over head kick sending the ball over the keeper and into the top corner. For a bunch of men, the celebrations were like an under 12 match, a pile on ensued and Noely was nowhere to be seen for at least 3 minutes. A fantastic victory all round. Best for Albion – Colm, Hugh, Ronnie.

Team. Walshy, Hugh, Darren, Jamie, Colm, John F, Noel, Martin, Duggy, Ronnie, Tim. Subs. Rob, James.







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