Every couple of weeks we will look at back at ex players from season past. This week – Seamus “Famous” O’Callaghan. Seamus started his illustrious career at Albion in the ’08/’09 season when Albion recruited a handful of local young fellas to help their drive to AUL Division 3 domination. O’Callaghan quickly found his way into the starting line up every week after some impressive displays at Centre Mid and on the wing. Renowned for his calm head on the pitch and his willingness to co-operate when things were going against him, he was unlucky not to pick up a medal when Albion finally got promoted in 2011 after moving to Canada in Sept 2010. His most famous of moments that will forever go down in the history of the club as the best yellow card incident ever was an ankle tap on a player (with his hand a-la Peter Stringeresque) to which the ref looked at Albions bench and said “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to give for that, I’ve never seen it in soccer before”. Another milestone was in 2009 when he had racked up 5 yellow cards in 5 games. The league disciplinarian called Albions manager to discuss his antics. Albions manager explained “It’s late tackles with no malice, he’s a nice fella” to which the AUL man replied “he might be a nice fella, but he has no f**kin’ brains on the pitch”. Yes, Seamus brought some highlights to the club but on a serious note was one of the better players that has togged out over the last 6-7 seasons. A huge loss to the club but always welcome back as he’s still at the young age of 28/29! I’m sure we can convince him to give up the Canadian dream for cold wet Sunday morning trips to Milstreet and beyond!

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