Every once in a while we decide to do some fundraising at the Albion. After all, we are a small club with a small amount of members. Behind the scenes we need to pay for pitch paint, nets, up keep of the pitch etc. Running the club costs a bit of money every season. We ran an initial Last Man Standing competition where 19 people entered. We raised 86eur and Darren Daly won 86eur.

The competition runs like this. You log in to the link i will share at the end of this article, pick a 1 team you think will win out of the fixtures given (Premier League). Then click “submit selection” at the bottom of the fixture list. It will ask you to register and pay 10eur through paypal (secure online payment). The whole process takes about 30 seconds. You go through to round 2 if your selected team wins. If they lose or draw you are out. The competition keeps going until we have a winner. For each round you qualify through for you must log in and pick a new team, you cannot pick the same team twice so choose wisely!

Support in the competition is hugely appreciated.

Click on the link below or if it wont let you click, copy & paste to your browser bar.

Best of luck & thanks for the support.






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