TEAMMATES – Ben Dillon

Name: Ben Dillon

Age: 28

Favourite Position: No. 10

Boyhood team: Man United

Favourite Player: Paul Scholes

Albion Highlight: My 2nd goal for the club

Best players played with: Conan & Tim

Hopes for Albion future: Promotion

Best soccer moment of all time: Ray Houghtons goal against italy 1994

I love Albion because: Hard working group and good craic too

Team mates –

Most skilful: Rob Daly

Fastest: Timmy

Best Trainer: Martin Ryan

Joker: Colm

Least skilful: Colm

Most Intelligent: Jason

Least Intelligent: No idea

Best dress sense: Martin El Sahen

Worst dress sense: El Sahen again (he has his off days)

Best Dancer: Jamsie without a fuckin doubt!

Hardman: John Hipwell/Japs

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