TEAMMATES – Jamie Daly

Name: Jamie Daly

Age: 21

Favourite Position: Left back

Boyhood Team: Liverpool

Favourite Player(s): Steven Gerard

Albion Highlight: Getting promoted

Best Player(s) Played With: Rob, Ger, Dec, Darren

Hopes for Albions future: get promoted

Best Soccer Moment of all time: has to be scoring against kinsale

I Love Albion because: good craic with the lads and good competition

Most Skillful: Rob

Fastest: Timmy

Best Trainer: Martin

Joker: Mike Walsh

Least Skillful: Myself I’d say

Most Intelligent: Timmy

Least Intelligent: Noel

Best Dress Sense: Darren

Worst Dress Sense: Rob

Best Dancer: James by a mile

Hardman: Ger

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