TEAMMATES – Conan Dillon

Name: Conan
Age: 24
Favourite Position: Centre Midfield
Boyhood Team: Manchester United
Favourite Player(s): Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, C.Ronaldo
Albion Highlight: Promotion
Best Player(s) Played With: J.Hipwell, T.Harrington, D.Scully
Hopes for Albions future: Pre-season training in the Al Garve, plans for the 50000 seater stadium to go ahead in Ballinadee and of course an AOH cup.
Best Soccer Moment of all time: I set up Martin El Sahen for a goal against Boscos and he hasn’t stopped going on about it, brings a smile to my face knowing that he will now die a happy man because of my cross.
I Love Albion because: They have midget strippers at the xmas party and the boys are sound, but mostly because of the midget strippers.
Team mates –
Most Skillful: Japs, Rob, Tim
Fastest: Tim
Best Trainer: Decky, The guy must be going on 50 and the effort he’d put in at training is nothing short of amazing.
Joker: Walshy, Colm
Least Skillful: Ger O’Connell – Two left feet
Most Intelligent: Must be Jamesy because he’s the one that counts up the money after training.
Least Intelligent: The referee from the Afton Villa game !!!
Best Dress Sense: Walshy
Worst Dress Sense: MARTIN EL SAHEN – Pink jackets and snoods should be banned from training !!!!
Best Dancer: Jamesy
Hardman: Ger and Decky should have a fight and the winner of that should fight japs and only then will we know.






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