TEAMMATES – Declan Murray

Name: Declan Murray
Age: A lot of caps
Favourite Position: Centre Half
Boyhood Team: Man Utd
Favourite Player(s): Maradonna, Roy Keane
Albion Highlight: Winning West Cork league Division 2
Best Player(s) Played With: Fran and Colm
Hopes for Albions future: New socks before I retire
Best Soccer Moment of all time: Scratch’s cup-winning penalty save in 99
I Love Albion because: Great craic and great people involved
Team mates –
Most Skillful: Rob
Fastest: Timmy
Best Trainer: James never misses one
Joker: Colm
Least Skillful: One of the Ballinadee lads
Most Intelligent: One of the Ballinspittle lads
Least Intelligent: One of the Kinsale lads
Best Dress Sense: Japs has some lovely scarves
Worst Dress Sense: Walshie has a lot going on
Best Dancer: James is the funniest, maybe not the best
Hardman: Ger (can’t tackle) O’Connell

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