Teammates – Michael Walsh

Name: Michael Walsh

Age: 31

Favourite Position: Centre Mid

Boyhood Team: Man United

Favourite Players: Andrei Kanchelskis, Inesta, Messi

Best Albion Moment: Going up a Division

Best Player(s) played with: Dec Murray, Fran Harrington

Hopes for Albion Future: Win a Cup

I Love Albion because: The lads that I play with

Albion squad

Most Skillful: Rob Daly

Fastest: Tim Harrington

Best Trainer: Mart Ryan

Joker: Colm

Least Skillful: Dec Murray (this is Walshys opinion only)

Most & Least Intelligent: Paddy Simms

Best Dress Sense: Tim Harrington

Worst Dress Sense: Conor Hurley

Best Dancer: James

Hardman: Ger O’Connell

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