TEAMMATES – Timmy Harrington

Name: Timmy Harrington

Age: 22

Favourite Position: Striker

Boyhood Team: Man Utd.

Favourite Player: Messi

Albion Highlight: Scoring winning goal against Glenvale

Best players played with: Declan Murray, Rob Daly, John Duggan, Mike Walsh

Best soccer moment of all time: United treble

I love albion because: its a great release from college, all the lads are brilliant to play with, and after an albion night out you cant help but be in a good mood.

Team Mates-

Most Skillful: Rob Daly

Fastest: Can I say myself?

Best Trainer: Martin Ryan, James O’Driscoll

Joker: Colm O’Donovan

Most Intelligent: Declan Murray (He did win the quiz)

Best Dress Sense: Colm O’Donovan (who needs clothes)

Worst Dress sense: Rob Daly, nothing should be that loose!

Best Dancer: James O’Driscoll

Hardman: JP Hayes

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