Waterloo 5-1 Albion

Albion fell to their heaviest defeat in almost 4 years today after a 5-1 away defeat against a dominant Waterloo side. Albion matched the opposition for the opening 30 mins but a disorientated 15 mins before the break saw them 3-0 down at half time. The second half was more positive for the Albion 11 who had no subs to freshen things up and tiredness crept in. Waterloo went 4-0 up before Japs got a goal back with 25 mins to go. Waterloo got their fifth in the last 5 mins. Good performances for the Albion were from Dan, Rob and Japs.

Team: Walshy, Darren, James, Conor, Ger, Japs, Martin El, Martin R, Dan, Ben, Rob D.

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