Casement 2-0 Albion

Albion suffered their 4th straight league defeat though will be pissed they left without a point. Albion dominated the first half with chance after chance. JP Hayes & Rob O’Donovan were used well by Midfielders Conan and James. Tim Harrington struck the post with a raster of a shot in the opening minutes and on another night could have been on a hat trick at half time. Supporting striker Ben Dillon also had a few chances to make it 1-0. Casement scored against the run of play after a free kick was punched by Walshy and out back in where it found a free man who headed it home. 1-0 half time.

Albion started the second half well with another couple of chances falling to timmy. Casement went 2-0 up against the run of play with what looked to be a clear offside goal. Albion seemed to run out of steam in the last 10 mins and the whistle went to see Albion go home with nothing.

Team. Walshy, Ger, Jody, Deccy, Colm, Rob(Martin R), Japs, James, Conan, Tim, Ben(Jason).

Subs. Jack, Darren.

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