alt We, at decourceyalbion.com, like to get inside the minds of the Albion heros every now and then, so we are starting a monthly column from the eye of one of our star wingers, JP “Japs” Hayes. The colum will be called Japs eye & will feature a diary like take on daily life from inside the Albion. What he thinks of other players, the management, the training routines, the cafeteria, the dressing rooms, the kits, the pitch – basically everything Albion. Here is Japs’ take on the past month at Albion:

“September was a strange month for myself at the Albion. The lads thought it was great that I was dropped against St. John Boscos. Yeah, great craic alright. Driving all the way down to the arse end of Midleton to be told I was dropped to let “the new lads get a chance”. What kind of s**t is that. 30 minutes in, 2-0 down, what do i say to that? GO F**K YOURSELF manager!!! It’s alright though, i noticed there was a lively set of train tracks behind us, i was fairly good at the javlin when i was younger and fancied my chances of hoisting him over the wire. Luckily for him he put me on and we won 3-2. It was all me! The week after that during our tea break at training, they handed out complimentary penguin bars to the team. It was pretty funny really seeing as I specifically requested WAGON F**KING WHEELS!!! But it was ok, 5 or 10 of the lads calmed down, i counted to 100 a few times and it was back to normal again. The pinnacle of the month came when i single handedly beat Shandon Celtic on my own with no help from Timmy Harrington. He got all the praise for some reason but we would have lost if i hadn’t scored that peach of a volley and overseen the other 5 goals. Fair play to me. Just going back to the wagon wheels, how hard is it to get that wrong? “penguin” and “wagon wheels” dont even rhyme? I’m just saying.. I’m over it and everything, it’s just you’d think they’d get it right.”

More from the japsmeister next month.

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