Name: James O Driscoll
Age: 31
Positions Played: left back,midfield
Boyhood Team: Liverpool
Favourite Player(s): John Barnes
Albion Highlight: Cup win in 99
Best Albion Players to Play Along Side: Fran Harrington, John Duggan, Declan Murray

Hopes for Albion Future: Promotion or cup win

Name: Martin Ryan
Age: 28
Positions Played: Everywhere except centre half – including in goal

Boyhood Team: Nottingham Forest
Favourite Player(s): Stuart Pearce, Roy Keane, Stan Collymore
Albion Highlight: 2-0 win Vs Leeside this season, best performance in a long time. 
Best Albion Players to Play Along Side: Declan Murray, John Galvin & John Duggan
Hopes for Albion Future: 1. Promotion/Cup Win/League Win. 2. Pitch in the Parish. 3. Underage structure.


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