Albion Greats – Fran

This week we look at De Courcey Albions all time leading scorer Fran “frantastic” Harrington.

Name: Francis Harrington
Age: 34
Position Played:
Striker or left wing
Boyhood Team:
Favorite Player(s) of all time:
Steven Gerrard
Best Albion Highlight:
Getting hot soup after some league game on top of a freezing mountain!!
Most memorable goal: So many to choose from and I don’t remember a single one…
Best player to play alongside:
Declan Murray – nothing was more likely to put a smile on my face than watching Dec miss from 2 yards and being able to take the piss out of him for the rest of the day.
Hopes for Albion future:
World domination of course.

Francis Harrington was De Courcey Albions main striker for most of the 90’s and early 00’s. Usually averaging 20 goals a season, a knee injury prevented him from signing back up in 2007 when the club reformed. He became legendary at the club not for his tap ins from 2 yards but more so from his wonder goals, speed & dribbling ability. Francis now spends his spare time scoring penalties against his brother Padraig who still hasn’t let go of his penalty save in the cup in 1999. 




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