Albion Greats – Scratch

This week on we start our look back at the “Albion Greats”. Players who gave so much to the Club over the years. Each week we will profile a different player. To start off we have the one and only Padraig “Scratch” Harrington

Scratch saves a penalty in the 1999 cup final to win the game for Albion

Name: Padraig “Scratch” Harrington
Age: 21 going on 36, but closer to 21
Position Played: Goal-line, mostly smoking.
Boyhood Team: Manchester Utd
Favorite Player(s) of all time: Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane.
Best Albion Highlight: Cup win in 1999
Most memorable save: Winning penalty save in cup win in 1999
Best player to play alongside: John Galvin
Hopes for Albion future: Munster senior League status obtained.

Padraig “Scratch” Harrington played in goal for De Courcey Albion for many a year and was the linchpin in their cup winning season of 1999, making two pivotal saves in the cup final in the penalty shootout. Scratch now spends most of his spare time rolling fags and scouting for new talent in the art of fag rolling.

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