Teammates – Jason O’Riordan

Name: Jason

Age: 39

Favourite Position: Centre-Mid/Right Wing

Boyhood Team: Man Utd

Favourite Player(s): Mark Hughes, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Ronaldo

Albion Highlight: Promotion to Div 2

Best Player(s) Played With: Rob, James, John Duggan

Hopes for Albions future: Short term – Div1/Cup, Long Term – Prem.

Best Soccer Moment of all time: United Treble ’99

I Love Albion because: Great group of lads

Team mates:

Most Skillful: Rob

Fastest: Tim

Best Trainer: Darren

Joker: Toss-up between Colm and Mike…

Least Skillful: Oh that’s a great one for the self-confidence!

Most Intelligent: Martin R

Least Intelligent: The lads who answer this question.

Best Dress Sense: Japs

Worst Dress Sense: Kettle..Pot..

Best Dancer: James (so I hear)

Hardman: Decky

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