Rumours are flying in Courceys this morning after Giovanni Trapattoni made a surprise visit to Albions training ground last night. One rumour is that in-form Conor Hurley is set to take over from Kevin Kilbane as Irelands left full as Kilbanes career is came to an end 7 years ago without him realising it.

Hurley was said to be in excited form as he talked to our reporter this morning. “I cant see who else he is looking at, to be honest its been clear for a long time that I’m the best player we have. I’m even at the stage where there is a quiet hush from the other players when I enter the dressing room, almost like they are all in awe of me. I cant blame them though, I’m pretty awesome.” As modest as Hurley has been about the whole situation, James O’Driscoll has other ideas about why Trap was in Ballinadee. “I think they’re looking for a top class left full and I fill those boots perfectly, I cant see anyone else filling the boots like me.”

This has fueled speculation that the whole Hurley/O’Driscoll fued is about to re-ignite.. Stick around for more….






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