The on-going talks between the owners of the Boston Red Sox & Albion chairman Kevin O’Neill have been halted as the americans have opted to swoop in to take over Liverpool instead. Albion had been in talks with the yanks since last season & the prospect of taking over at Eli Lilly seemed to be an offer to big to refuse. They had promised to wipe Albions debts clean since Seamus O’Callaghan, who had been appointed treasurer, had upped & taken off with all of Albions money to Canada last month. He had also taken out huge loans with a few different banks also, presumeably to pay for damage he caused to fire alarms in and around the Ballinspittle/Ballinadee area.

The news comes as a blow to albion chairman, management, players & supporters alike who will struggle to pick up the pieces after the mess “Shammy” has left behind him.

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